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"Tetris 3D"...I was ver suspecting when I picked first picked this game up. Hmmm...3D Tetris? Well, this particular puzzler is different and certainly delivers. Nintendo has placed the Tetris concept into a three dimensional world, with the object being to fill a layer on the rotating cube. It's easier to understand when you're playing it. Graphically, this game is up to par and fulfills the game's simple needs. But if Nintendo could somehow recreare this game on the N64. Think... Flashy and fun colors, faster gameplay, z-buffering, and Mip Mapping, and uhh, you get the picture. The 3d effects is this game are decent, but again it is limited by the VB hardware. Maybe on-the-fly camera changes would help a lot, as the camera gets blocked sometimes. The sounds in Tetris 3D are the old, typical Tetris sounds, such as plopping and dropping...nothing new. As for the music, it's pretty upbeat and a little jazzy. On the whole, the sound and music are both very average, and are not essential. The challenge of 3D Tetris is typical of a puzzler game, as it gets harder and faster on the different difficulty levels. Too bad this game isn't as fun as Panic Bomber, and doesn't have the same replay value and story-type mode. But Tetris 3D packs three different styles of gameplay, so that should keep you playing longer. The gameplay is pretty good and is very unique. By moving and rotating the blocks along the X,Y, and Z axises, you must make a complete layer to make more room. Bonus points are given for multiple layer elminated together, like regular Tetris. The radars on the side of the screen help a lot also. My verdict: Tetris 3D is a solid VB puzzler, but just can't compete with Panic Bomber.

Ratings --
Graphics: B
3D Effects: B
Sound: B-
Music: A
Challenge: B-
Replay Value: C++
Gameplay: A
Overall Rating: B++

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