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Clash Cart
Clash Cover
Mario Clash is one of my favorite Virtual Boy Games. Forget side-scrolling Mario, this is old-school Mario Bros-type stuff. And I love it. The gameplay is excellent in my opinion. The object is to travel through a maze of pipes, platforms, and tunnels to throw shells at typical Mario enemies. Shells, spiky shells, goombas, flying goombas, Thwamps, and some fire, ice and the like. First off, the game's graphics are simple, but fill their purpose perfectly. The game really doesn't use a lot, if any, 3-D effects, but there really is no problem with that. But there is interaction between the foreground and background. Like throwing shells while you're in the background towards an enemy in the foreground, and if you miss, the shell flies toward you. The game's sound and music are solid, and the game actually has an intro sequence!! The game has significant challenge, with lots of levels. Although there is no save feature, you can choose the level you want to start on. I dunno if this game has a lot of replay value, because I think the game might get boring after awhile. I've been playing Golf too much to play this game. Mario Clash's gameplay is very simplistic. Just jumping, hitting, and throwing and has a very small learning curve. Chances are you'll like this game a lot.
Damn it, why can't Nintendo make more games with the same quality of Mario Clash?

Graphics: B+
3-D effects: A
Sound: B
Music: B+
Challenge: A
Replay Value: A-
Gameplay: A+
Overall Rating: A
Mario Clash Screenshot 2
Mario Clash Screenshot 3