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Golf Review
This is my favorite VB game. I have been playing this game constantly since I bought it. This is a golf simulation, like the title so plainly says. First, the graphics. The graphics is Golf are about average, with a little detail on some objects in the game. Next, the 3-D effects. Golf doesn't really use that many effects, and could have been done entirely in 2D. The sound and music in the game is just about as average as you can get. Besides a little music in the intro of the game, that's all the music. The sounds are pretty good. They don't get too repetetive, and I can stand them. Where Golf really excels is its gameplay and challenge. You have the ability to change your golfer's stance, clubs, and conditions of the course. There is also a very cool replay feature, which lets you see your own shots. Score a birdie? Check it out. One of the hardest things in the game is mastering the close shot. The putting and chip shots are very hard to adjust to, and can produce some really mean shots. Replay value is
definitely there, even though there is only one course. You'll always want to come back and break par. This sucker's hard. If you get good enough, there's also a tournament mode. Take on the computer, and you can try to be Tiger Woods ("I Am Tiger Woods!"). Another cool thing is that Golf allows you to enter your name and stores your records, such as longest drives, chip shots, long putts, etc. My only real complaint with this game is there's only one course. Oh, well. I love this game.

Ratings --
Graphics: B
3-D Effects: B-
Sound: A
Music: C
Replay Value: A
Challenge: A+
Gameplay: A+
Overall: A+ (4.75/5.0)