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Virtual Boy Trivia Contest!

Answer the following questions, mail me the answers, and see who will win the crown of all mighty VB trivia king!

Hint: Many of the answers to the following questions can be found in the articles section!

Here they are....25 furious VB trivia questions!

1)  Who invented the Virtual Boy (First and Last Name)?

2)  When was the Virtual Boy released (Month and Year)?

3)  Name two other Nintendo products that the VB inventor created.

4)  How many "bits" does the VB's CPU have?

5)  How many and what kind of batteries does the VB require?

6)  How many games were released in the U.S.?

7)  What was the original price (U.S. dollars) for the VB?

8)  What was the U.S. pack-in game for the VB?

9)  What was the original pricing range for VB games?

10) What color is the monochrome gameplay of the VB?

11) With which major rental chain did Nintendo make a deal to rent Virtual Boy's?

12) Nintendo advises that the VB not be used by persons __ years old and younger. Fill in the blank.

13) Why is there an "Auto-Pause" feature in the Virtual Boy?

14) Which developer originally developed the VB game "Vertical Force"?

15) Which developer originally developed the VB game "Golf"?

16) What was the system's only polygonal game?

17) How is the VB's 3D effect achieved?

18) How many pinball tables are there in Galactic Pinball?

19) How many golf courses are available in Golf?

20) What is the only 2 player VB game available?

21) How many play modes are availble in 3D Tetris?

22) What is the name of Nester's (of Nester's Funky Bowling) sister?

23) What original Nintendo game does Mario Clash resemble?

24) How many special types of Warios are there in Wario Land?

25) What genre do Vertical Force and Red Alarm fall under?

That's it....good luck, and don't forget to mail me your answers to see who can win!