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Vertical Force Cover
Vertical Force Cartridge
Vertical Force Screenshot 1
Vertical Force...all I can say is "Wow". This is a pretty damn good VB shooter. Packed full of action, but never as confusing as Red Alarm, this shooter beats RA hands down (in my opinion). The graphics in VForce are simple, vertically scrolling, like an old-school shooter. They fit the game very well, and don't scroll too fast. The only real use of 3D I found in VForce is being able to switch your vertical position, as in being on the bottom "platform" or the top "platform". You don't see these platforms, and enemies come at you on both platforms. You won't get hit from the bottom enemies if you are on the top and vice versa. The sounds are typical shooter fare, with little spped boost and weapon firing sounds. The music in VForce is very good, with music accompanying your gameplay the whole way through. I haven't gotten to play my VB a lot lately, so I can't really say that much about VForce's challenge and replay factors. I'll add those later. But I can say that I like the game a lot, and play it every time I do play VB. The gameplay is where VForce really shines. The fast-paced action will keep you playing. The typical weapon powerups are here too. And you have a life bar, so if you get hit once, you don't die immediately. Going back to the platform thing, you can easily switch your level by hitting A. The R and L buttons allow you to shoot, which is very much more comfortable to use than the B button that most shooters use, allowing you to do two things at once. Final Word: Vertical Force isn't exactly common, it's uncommon. If you wait too long to pick up this excellent game, it'll be gone...

Ratings --
Graphics: B+
3D Use: B-
Sound: A
Music: A+
Challenge and Replay: coming soon
Gameplay: A+

Overall: A+