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Chris's Virtual Boy Page has been visited by  + about 3,615 people since May 23, 1997. Thanks!

 Last Update: November 27, 1997 12:30 PM EST.

February 11, 1998--
I have some news I'm sorry to break...This page is now officially dead. That is unless somebody gives me something to put up. If you have something you would like me to put up, email them to me in HTML (or attached in an HTML file), and it'll go up ASAP. Reviews for games would be greatly appreciated. Back to the news about the page closing, there's been nothing to update. Many thanks to all the people who have made this page a success....Thanks again. Please click here to send things to me....Let's make this page complete and leave it up for future fans!
I'm Outta Here,

PS: The Diehard VB mailing list is now dead also.