Bowling Screenshot
Nester's Funky Bowling is a fun VB game that I constantly find myself picking up to play. The game's graphics are very good, and help give the bowling alley feel. The game uses limited 3-D effects, such as the cute little animations played when a player scores a strike, double, turkey, split, etc. The game's sound is excellent, even through those tinny VB speakers. The music is pretty cool, with pretty catchy tunes. NFB has some good challenge (it's nearly impossible to score a perfect score). This game has pretty good replay value, and the gamer can choose different weights of their bowling balls. But the game does fall short in one area. I think that Nintendo should have included a league play or tournament mode, like in Golf. The gameplay is solid for a bowling game, and is very simple. After choosing your direction on the sliding direction bar, you must release the button when the bar is full, or when you get the desired power. This game is an all-around excellent title, and is more than worth the $10 I that I paid. Go ahead and pick this title up.

Graphics: B+
3-D Effects: B
Sound: A
Music: A+
Challenge: A-
Replay Value: B+
Gameplay: A-
Overall Rating: A