Panic Bomber Cover
Panic Bomber Screenshot 1
Panic Bomber fills the niche in the VB market for an EXCELLENT puzzle game. The object of the game is to get three objects in a row, or more, on a quest to defeat numerous enemies. Different combinations yield different effects on your opponent (a la "Tetris Attack"), who shares your screen. Graphically speaking, well, it's a puzzle game. Don't really need that complex graphics in this game. But, if it makes you feel better, the animations and images are very sharp and crisp. On to the Panic's 3D use. The game doesn't utilize a great amount of 3D, and again, it doesn't really need it. It's a 2D puzzle game, unlike Tetris 3-D. The minimal use of it is decent though. Sound Check: Panic's sounds are pretty cool. The little puzzle game sounds are there, and help you get into the fast, frenzied pace of the game. The same with the music. The tunes are catchy, and dictate the game speed. If your side of the game is getting stacked pretty high, the music flies. But as you (hopefully) manage to bring it down, the music slows down and tells you that you're OK...for now. The replay value of Panic is plentiful. With multiple game modes, and many opponents to defeat, Panic Bomber should keep you occupied. That is unless you got the Japanese version of the game (like me), and have no clue what those different modes are. The game is also pretty challenging because your enemies get harder as you progress through the game. The gameplay is ADDICTIVE, and will keep you hooked. Overall, you need this game. It's good for you.

Ratings --
Graphics: A-
3D Effects: B-
Sound: A-
Music: A+
Replay Value: A
Challenge: A
Gameplay: A+
Overall Rating: A+