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Galactic Pinball is a 2-D table-shaking $10 pack of fun. GP is a space-themed pinball game that was one of the very first VB titles. Initially rumored as a pack-in game and after going through some name changes (formerly Space Pinball), GP was knocked by a couple critics. Well, I can at least say this: I like this game better than Red Alarm, which I think is a $10 P.o.S. As for GP's graphics, they are basic 2-D graphics and are (surprise) in red. The graphics are a decent part of the game, but don't really look THAT great. I think that the gfx could have been done on the NES, actually. OK. On to 3D usage: well, there's none in the gameplay. Sorry. That's all. As for the Sound Check, they are excellent for a VB game, and provide all the little pinball sounds you need. The music is pretty catchy, and as an end result he GP's Audio is a highlight of the game. GP's replay value is a little deep, but the well can run dry pretty quick. I'm pretty sure that there are 5 tables, but they all start to feel the same after awhile...or you could always try to get the highest freaking score ever and gimme it so I can put it on High Scores list. I prefer you do that. --:)--. I think that covered the challenge section too. The gameplay of GP is very simple. Three controls: the L button controls the left flipper, the R button for the right, and A to shake the table. Whoops, forgot the little ball release button, B. Don't even bother with the manual. Overall, Galactic Pinball is at one moment, the greatest VB game ever, then at another time, it is the game that you're never ever gonna pick up. But it is well worth it's current price, and will keep you entertained for a good while.

Graphics: B
3-D Use: n/a
Sound: A+
Music: A
Challenge: C
Replay Value: C+
Gameplay: B+
Overall Rating: B