This has been my first webpage, and I think it turned out pretty well.
The new logo and header GIFs and other designs were designed with Corel Draw 7, and HTML scripting done with Coffee Cup HTML Editor and Netscape Composer.

Here's my space to thank people:
Thanks to Nintendo for the Virtual Boy, an underrated system with untapped potential left.
Thanks to Nintendo for the new price point ($24.99).
Thanks to all of the other VB web pages for great info.
Images property of Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America.
Thanks to Skinnee of D'Bomb VB Page for the cool example page and advice.
To Johnny and Morad, some of my fellow VB Webmasters, thanks for being down and chatting and just helping out.

Thanks to all of the VB fanatics out there who helped this page be a total success! VB Forever.

Legal Stuff:
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Thanks a lot!
Chris, your humble webmaster.