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Name: John
Looking For: Space Squash; In Mouse's House; Virtual Fishing; Japanese versions of U.S. Games
Will Give: $10 for new or used games or will trade

Name: Skinnee
Selling: Japanese Baseball
Selling For: $15 + shipping and handling

Name: Duker200
Looking For: All games, but mostly Jack Brothers.
Will Offer: E-mail him.

Name: David Bradley
Looking For: Jack Brothers; Virtual League Baseball; 3D-Tetris.
Will Offer: Money or games to trade.

Name: Eric King
Looking For: Waterworld; Jack Brothers; V-Tetris; Space Squash; Virtual Fishing; In Mouse's House.
Will Offer: $15 per game.

Name: Chip
Looking For: Space Squash; Virtual Fishing; In Mouse's House.
Will Give: Money or any American Game (inc. Jack Bros.).

Name: GRimkeeper
Looking For: Every game except for Tennis.
Will Offer: Willing to pay Top dollar.

Name: BigTcando
Looking For: TeleRoboxer; Waterworld; 3D Tetris; VL Baseball; Golf; Panic Bomber; Nester's FB; Jack Bros.; Vertical Force.
Will Pay: $5.00-$10.00.

Name: Ravinspace
Looking For: Every VB Game except Waterworld and Tennis.
Will pay: $10-$15 each game.

Name: CEunuch
Looking For: In Mouse's House; Space Squash; Virtual Fishing. (in that order)
Will Offer: Any U.S. Game except Jack Bros. or any Jap. doubles or V-Tetris.

Name: Ben Kucenski
Selling: Panic Bomber (brand new--still in box); VB Systems; or Red Alarm, Golf, and Wario Land.
Asking For: $15-$20 plus shipping for each new game and $30 plus shipping for a system.

Name: Jordan Gilman
Selling/Trading: Mario's Tennis, Nester's FB, Mario Clash, Warioland, TeleroBoxer, Red Alarm, Vertical Force, Water World, Galactic Pinball.
Looking For: Panic Bomber, Tetris3d, Golf, Jack Brothers, Virtual Baseball, Space Squash, In Mouse's house, Virtual Fishing, V-Tetris, and others not listed. Also looking for "Strap to hold VB ON head and link." E-mail him w/ offers.

Name: Issac Sean
Looking For: Golf, TeleRoboxer, Mario Clash, and Jack Bros.
Offering: ???

Name: Particle Man (?)
Looking: Wants to buy Jack Bros.

Name: Isaac Stevens
Would Like: He wants to sell his VB System with Teleroboxer, Tennis, Mario Clash, Warioland, 3d Tetris, Vertical Force, AC adaptor, and the carrying case.
Asking For: $95 + shipping OR a Sega Game Gear with AC Adapter.

Name: Craig Davis
Looking For: 3D Tetris; Galactic Pinball; Jack Brothers; Mario Clash; Nester's Funky Bowling; Vertical Force; Virtual Lg. Baseball; Water World; In Mouse's House; SD Gundam Dimension War; Space Invaders; Space Squash; Virtual Fishing; Virtual LAB; V-Tetris.
Will Offer: Money or Golf; Panic Bomber; Red Alarm; Teleroboxer; WarioLand.

First reported VB Swap done by Clayton Fixsen!!
And another by Matt McKenna and Jordan Gilman! Hope this works for other people!!

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