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Wario Land is a very cool VB Game. Although it does not exploit the system's 3-D elements fully, it does have some nice touches. You have the ability to be different Wario's: Regular Wario, Small Wario, Bull Wario, Eagle Wario, or Sea Dragon Wario.  The game is very deep and challenging and of course FUN. The idea is to guide Wario on his treasure hunt. Graphically speaking, Wario Land is one of the best-looking VB games in the small market. The graphics are nice and sharp, yet simple. They are excellent for such a limited system, and help exemplify the 2-D side-scroller experience. As I said before, the game doesn't use THAT much 3-D. The gameplay allows you to switch back-and-forth between the back ground and fore ground, via the classic "Mario" pipes. The game also has enemies that swing back and forth. On to the sound check, Wario Land features the usual Mario sounds, employing little "plopping, jumping, dashing,etc." sounds. The music in Wario Land is decent, and sometimes a little catchy. The game also has lots of challenge and replay value, cuz I've heard that the last boss is one hard ... well, maybe I shouldn't say. Overall, Wario Land is one the best VB Games available, and is well worth the money I spent for it.

Ratings --
Graphics: A+
3-D Use: B+
Sound: B-
Music: B
Challenge: A-
Replay Value: A
Gameplay: A
Overall: A
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