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I e-mailed NOA asked for VB tech specs and info. Here's their response.

"The Virtual Boy, our RISC-based, 32-bit system, produces a 3-D experience not possible on conventional television or LCD
screens. The system has two high-resolution, mirror-scanning LED (light emitting diode) displays. Its unique design
eliminates all external stimuli, totally immersing players into their own private universe with high-resolution red images
against a deep black background. The 3-D experience is enhanced through stereo sound and a new specially-designed,
double-grip controller that accommodates multidirectional spatial movement.

Virtual Boy is a stand-alone, table-top unit that doesn't connect to a television screen. It is powered by six AA batteries.
Accessories include an AC adapter and stereo headphones, both of which are sold separately.

Nintendo of America Inc.
Mike Chandler"

E-Mail Nintendo

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